A Hero Lost – Andrew Breitbart Remembered

I lost a hero today.  I stand with so many others in disbelief, our hearts hurting, mourning the loss of Andrew Breitbart.

I’ve been a fan of Breitbart since he founded the Big.coms; Big Government, Big Hollywood, the works. They became required daily reading, and he always seemed to scoop every other news source. He helped James O’Keefe expose ACORN’s corruption; he “exposed” Anthony Weiner for the lout he is; he led the charge in citizen journalism.  He inspired the Conservative base to rise up and blog.  And he stood up to the Progressive Left with such courage and conviction, we couldn’t help but join the charge!

He also inspired incredible hate from the Left, and there is plenty of evidence to prove that hate if you venture onto Twitter today.  I won’t justify it here.

I had the distinct honor of meeting Andrew Breitbart at CPAC, and I’ll always be grateful. I got to see him in action in front of the cameras, and I got to see the warm, welcoming, boisterous guy who didn’t mind taking a picture with anyone who asked. There are no words to capture his energy and charisma, and he was a force in the room. You couldn’t miss him, and you didn’t want to.

My prayers go out to his wife and 4 children.  My heart hurts even more for their enormous loss. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Andrew may be gone, but he has created an army of Conservative Citizen Journalists who won’t let his vision of restoring an exceptional America die. Don’t you worry, Andrew. We’ve got this. We love you. Godspeed.

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  1. DeeInHouston says:

    Reblogged this on Texas Slant and commented:

    One year after the world and an amazing family lost Andrew Breitbart, we’re still feeling the loss. Reposting this as a small tribute to someone I admired greatly. Rest in peace, Andrew.

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