Erik Telford at BlogConCLT – Information Activism

Erik Telford brought some great points to the conversation. We need to do more than wave signs and shoot slogans.

Getting involved with our time is vital, as we’re up against a well-funded Left. Examples are ThinkProgress,, and American Bridge 21st Century.

Erik has a vision to add thousands of regular citizens as journalists, whether it’s through investigative work or simply interviewing local politicians.

Looking at New Media, Texas may actually be a blue state. The Burnt Orange Report has great influence, with state house members even watching the updates while in session.

Training is happening all across the country, along with follow-up resources. The goal is a sustainable and growing community.

WatchDogWire will be launched soon as a new platform to help citizen journalists.

Successful information activism examples include Dan Rather, Van Jones, and Anthony Weiner. Citizen journalism flipped 2 Congressional seats.

Erik’s goals are to build the citizen journalist community and provide the tools to make them successful.

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1 Response to Erik Telford at BlogConCLT – Information Activism

  1. joey says:

    Look no farther than NBC to realize the left wing zealots will stop at nothing to give America away.

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