Slaying the Legacy Media at BlogCon

We were treated to great commentary on the main stream media’s agenda by a panel including John Nolte, James O’Keefe, and Pam Geller.

The crazy focus by national news figures like Diane Sawyer on Mitt Romney’s dog riding in a roof carrier was effectively destroyed by conservative journalists when they highlighted Obama eating dog meat as a child.

James O’Keefe has been forced to spend countless dollars to defend himself against baseless attacks by legacy media on his investigative reporting. He lives by “content is king”, and he drives a story using factual reporting rather than narrative or opinion. He paid for his reporting with a credit card, so no excuses about resources! We are all citizen journalists.

Pam Gellar shows that one person’s reporting can have a huge impact. Don’t worry if you’re linked. Don’t fret if you don’t have thousands of followers. Expose bias, expose fraud. Get it out there. Be creative. You don’t need money. You have the truth!

We are an army of journalists, and we are making a difference. Blog on!!!

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2 Responses to Slaying the Legacy Media at BlogCon

  1. A Journalist says:

    You are the farthest thing from a journalist.

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