Christmas in June? Only in Texas!

Something remarkable happened today.  Governor Perry signed the Merry Christmas bill into law in Texas. The bill will allow students to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah without worrying they will be sued.  Public schools will be able to display nativity scenes, menorahs, and Christmas trees without fear of litigation as well.

What’s so remarkable about all of this?  We already have the right to do any of those things!  The Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion are absolute.  Unfortunately, anti-religion activists and law makers have influenced weak, activist courts, and those courts have fostered a fear among many of us.

The Merry Christmas bill is largely symbolic, but it’s also a statement that we’re going to fight back against the tyranny of the self-empowered, anti-freedom zealots.  I’m hoping to see a few more symbolic gestures come out of the Texas Legislature, but it will take all of us speaking as one loud voice to make them listen.

It takes some effort and some courage to contact your Texas representatives, but it’s important to let them know what you want to see done in Austin.  It can be as easy as dropping them a line in an email or as bold as calling their office to voice your opinion.  Not sure who your representative is?  Find them here.

Let’s encourage the Texas Legislature to make a few more symbolic gestures. Maybe they’ll even start to pass some impactful legislation. Maybe even… a balanced budget!

God bless Governor Rick Perry, and God bless Texas!

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2 Responses to Christmas in June? Only in Texas!

  1. For whatever reason, I had not heard this. Sad it took this, but glad to know.

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