The Great Amnesty Debate – A Common Sense Solution

Living in Texas, the amnesty issue is front and center. The number of illegals crossing the border each day affects jobs, state provided services, crime rates, and a myriad of other areas of our daily lives. Amnesty is a hotly debated issue in Washington right now as well. I don’t trust Speaker Boehner to have this country’s true interests at heart anymore, and I’ll need to count on my representatives to make sure Texans’ voices are heard.

We seem to be at an impasse, with some folks wanting complete amnesty for all illegals and their families, and the other side wanting every illegal immigrant sent back to their home country. Neither group is going to get their wish, but putting some common sense parameters into place might bring everyone closer to the middle. I’ve put together a few thoughts which make sense to me, and I’d be interested to know if they make sense to you.

Dee’s Easy Peazy Amnesty Plan:

  • First and foremost – CLOSE THE BORDER NOW. Hire back the released border patrol officers, tighten up the screening of who can cross into the US, and follow ALL of the state and federal immigration laws already in place.
  • Allow the illegal immigrants with jobs in the US to stay, but set up parameters that must be followed including paying restitution for breaking the law, paying any back taxes that are due, and waiting a determined amount of time to meet eligibility requirements and pass a background check and health screening.
  • The illegal immigrants allowed to stay in the above group may bring only their immediate family from their home country, meaning spouse and children.
  • If any of the above rules are broken, the illegal immigrant and their family are immediately deported back to their home country.
  • If any illegal immigrant commits a felony, they are immediately deported back to their home country if not incarcerated in the US.

This really seems so common sense to me, I don’t see why we couldn’t find a way to implement this plan or something similar. I’m not looking for a plan with 146,000 pages, either, Obama Administration; just a straight forward plan that people on both sides of the aisle can get behind and put into place.

Problem solved in less than 30 minutes. Maybe I should look into running for office. 🙂

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7 Responses to The Great Amnesty Debate – A Common Sense Solution

  1. OC says:

    One wonders why even the simple actions are not taken.

  2. Macker says:

    That’s because Common Sense does not rule in DC.

  3. I like your plan, but would add a couple of things:

    There should be absolutely no welfare for legalized immigrants or for family members they brings into our country.

    Legalized immigrants with school-aged children should pay a percentage of their income to the local school district to help fund their children’s education. (The cost to some Texas school districts to educate illegal immigrant children is enormous. See )

    The employer of a legalized immigrant must provide health insurance for the immigrant and his family. (The cost to hospitals for ER services and other services for illegal immigrants is enormous. Many of these hospitals are public hospitals funded by local taxpayers. Since the employer is the one who obtains the immediate benefit from the immigrant worker, the employer should not be allowed to let the costs of his immigrant worker’s healthcare fall upon the rest of society. See

    I also think a legalized immigrant should have to wait a good while before bringing his family here, and he should demonstrate an income sufficient to support them at American prices.

    Basically I’m a free-market guy, which means I believe in the free movement of goods, capital, and labor across political borders, subject to regulations necessary for health and safety. However, persons participating in a free-market should not be allowed to create costs for other and then to foist those costs onto others because that cost-shifting would give them an unfair advantage in the free-market competition with others. Therefore, legalized immigrants (and the employers who directly benefit from their labor) should bear the costs they create (e.g., the costs of education and medical care).

    • thatmrgguy says:

      Those are some good suggestions except for the one about paying some income to the school board. If they own or buy a home, they already pay through property taxes and if they rent, their landlord pays in his property taxes.*

      Plus, at least in South Carolina, kids parents have to buy most of their expendable school supplies, which can be quite expensive if you have several school age children.

      * That’s assuming Texas has property taxes. 😉

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