Wendy Davis’s Voting Record – The History She Can’t Revise

ImageThe Texas gubernatorial race is getting a lot of national attention. That attention is mainly due to a Democrat candidate in the race – Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. By now, everyone has seen the news stories highlighting the embellished details of her public bio, the story Davis has been peddling as her “poor single mother makes good” success story.   While the details about her personal history might be a bit blurry, there is one part of Davis’s history that can’t be altered – her voting history while serving in the Texas State Senate.

Wendy Davis gained national notoriety last year when she famously filibustered SB5, a bill that increased abortion facility requirements, regulated the administration of abortion-inducing drugs, and prohibited abortions after 20 weeks of gestation.  The filibuster earned her endless praise from abortion proponents and the nickname Abortion Barbie from the pro-life faction.  Knowing Davis’s view on abortion, it’s not surprising Davis also voted nay on other abortion bills including SB 16, HB 15, and HB 2.

Davis touts herself as a strong supporter of women’s rights, so it was a bit surprising she would vote nay on a bill that restricts certain types of touching during searches by government officials.

It’s also important to examine Davis’s voting record on other vital Texas issues including Voter ID.  Texas implemented Motor Voter automated voter registration in 2010, allowing qualified citizens to register to vote when applying for or renewing their Texas Driver’s License. The system is supposed to have sufficient security steps in place to prevent fraud. Not only did Davis vote nay on all Voter ID Requirement legislation, (SR14, SB 362, SB 14), she also favors Obama’s plan of providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  Providing licenses to illegal aliens would increase the opportunity for voter fraud if loopholes or flaws can be found in the Motor Voter registration program.

Davis touts herself as a supporter of gun rights and the 2nd amendment, yet she voted nay on SB 1581, a bill that authorizes concealed handgun permit holders to carry concealed handguns while on college campuses.

Davis also voted nay on every single bill favoring enforcement of Federal and State immigration laws.  Those votes will be examined in greater detail in another post.

Bottom line, when examining the voting record of Wendy Davis, she wants to push a liberal agenda in Texas, both economically and socially.  Davis’s values are not Texas values.  Wendy Davis does not represent the strong, successful state that is leading this country in jobs and economic growth, and she is the wrong candidate for Governor.

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