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The Great Amnesty Debate – A Common Sense Solution

Living in Texas, the amnesty issue is front and center. The number of illegals crossing the border each day affects jobs, state provided services, crime rates, and a myriad of other areas of our daily lives. Amnesty is a hotly … Continue reading

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Little Sisters of the Poor handed a win against Obamacare contraceptive mandate

Pleased to see this minor win – for the time being.

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My Top Tweets for 2013

Always interesting to take a look back at the year and check out what people re-tweeted the most from my timeline. Guessing 2014 will include more chat about ObamaCare and taxes, but that’s just a guess. Happy New Year, Tweeps!! … Continue reading

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Shoutout For a Hometown Hero

I was going to post a shout-out to Twitter, but 140 characters just wouldn’t do this justice. I’m absolutely inspired by a fellow blogger and patriot, and I want to give her kudos. Michelle Lancaster, known to a lot of … Continue reading

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‘Unleash the hounds’: Jose Canseco advises President Obama on Syria

If anyone can bring a laugh to Syria, it’s Jose Canseco.

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Christmas in June? Only in Texas!

Something remarkable happened today.  Governor Perry signed the Merry Christmas bill into law in Texas. The bill will allow students to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah without worrying they will be sued.  Public schools will be able to display … Continue reading

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A Girl, a Contractor, & One Very Big Lesson

I love being outside. Absolutely love it. This last March, I finally decided to pull the trigger on building a patio in my small back yard to create some usable, enjoyable space. I got online, got a couple of bids, and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Texas Slant:
I lost a hero today.  I stand with so many others in disbelief, our hearts hurting, mourning the loss of Andrew Breitbart. I’ve been a fan of Breitbart since he founded the Big.coms; Big Government,…

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Newt and Texas – A Great Combination

I had the privilege of attending the TPPF Policy Orientation in January.  The event brought together politicians, ideologues of different persuasions, and everyday citizens like me.  One of my favorite speakers during the event was Newt Gingrich.  Whatever you think … Continue reading

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There Are Heroes Among Us – An indulgent missive for my dad

I attended a military funeral today.  It was as beautiful and moving as you would expect, only more so for me; the memorial service was for my dad. I had the privilege of saying a few words about him, and … Continue reading

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