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Slaying the Legacy Media at BlogCon

We were treated to great commentary on the main stream media’s agenda by a panel including John Nolte, James O’Keefe, and Pam Geller. The crazy focus by national news figures like Diane Sawyer on Mitt Romney’s dog riding in a … Continue reading

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Alex Lundry at BlogConCLT – Data Visualization

Data visualization is an effective tool in getting your message across. The same data can be interpreted differently if portrayed with different colors and/or shapes. Better design is associated with higher value. Pictures can increase data retention from 10% to … Continue reading

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Erik Telford at BlogConCLT – Information Activism

Erik Telford brought some great points to the conversation. We need to do more than wave signs and shoot slogans. Getting involved with our time is vital, as we’re up against a well-funded Left. Examples are ThinkProgress,, and American … Continue reading

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BlogConCLT Kicks Off!

Laptops and iPads at the ready, BlogConCLT kicked off this morning with a dynamic video and the announcement that Kristina Ribali will be stepping into Tabitha Hale’s shoes at FreedomWorks. Best moment of the video? The very last second, with … Continue reading

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Holder’s War On Whitey

When one hears the title US Attorney General, it should inspire trust, honor, and integrity. Unfortunately, as with many things associated with the current administration, traditional adjectives do not apply.  What was billed as the “most transparent administration in history” … Continue reading

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Obama’s War On Texas – Abort! Abort!

There is trouble afoot in Texas.  We seem to be drawing a lot of attention from the Obama Administration, and while that is never a good thing, it’s even less of a good thing when you’re a red state in … Continue reading

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That’s The Power of Blog

Kudos to The Other McCain and Stephen Gutowski for great reporting on the activist sham also know as Sandra Fluke. McCain was featured on the Mark Levin show, with his entire scribe read by Mark himself.  Revealing what no leftist … Continue reading

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A Hero Lost – Andrew Breitbart Remembered

I lost a hero today.  I stand with so many others in disbelief, our hearts hurting, mourning the loss of Andrew Breitbart. I’ve been a fan of Breitbart since he founded the Big.coms; Big Government, Big Hollywood, the works. They … Continue reading

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Just one more reason to love TEXAS!

Texas isn’t taking Obama’s recent assault on religious freedom lying down! Attorney General Greg Abbott is joining 6 other states in fighting back, challenging the ObamaCare mandate forcing Catholic entities to violate their religion tenets by requiring them to provide contraception, abortifacients, … Continue reading

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A Rookie Goes To CPAC

I’ve been a political junkie for a while now. It really took hold when Reagan came to Baylor tospeak with the College Republicans. I watch debates, observe campaigns, listen to the bickering over “stolen” elections. I even headed to DC for 9/12, Kill … Continue reading

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