Slaying the Legacy Media at BlogCon

We were treated to great commentary on the main stream media’s agenda by a panel including John Nolte, James O’Keefe, and Pam Geller.

The crazy focus by national news figures like Diane Sawyer on Mitt Romney’s dog riding in a roof carrier was effectively destroyed by conservative journalists when they highlighted Obama eating dog meat as a child.

James O’Keefe has been forced to spend countless dollars to defend himself against baseless attacks by legacy media on his investigative reporting. He lives by “content is king”, and he drives a story using factual reporting rather than narrative or opinion. He paid for his reporting with a credit card, so no excuses about resources! We are all citizen journalists.

Pam Gellar shows that one person’s reporting can have a huge impact. Don’t worry if you’re linked. Don’t fret if you don’t have thousands of followers. Expose bias, expose fraud. Get it out there. Be creative. You don’t need money. You have the truth!

We are an army of journalists, and we are making a difference. Blog on!!!

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Alex Lundry at BlogConCLT – Data Visualization

Data visualization is an effective tool in getting your message across.

The same data can be interpreted differently if portrayed with different colors and/or shapes. Better design is associated with higher value.

Pictures can increase data retention from 10% to 65%.

Graphs can be extremely effective, and they can manipulate data quite easily, depending on the message one want to communicate.

Resources include data and a story, and they need to be inter-related with visualization. Lead with data with the story underneath for data visualization. For infographics, lead with the story.

Infographics are great for mobilization, where data visualization helps with persuasion.

There are online resources to help develop effective infographics, such as

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Erik Telford at BlogConCLT – Information Activism

Erik Telford brought some great points to the conversation. We need to do more than wave signs and shoot slogans.

Getting involved with our time is vital, as we’re up against a well-funded Left. Examples are ThinkProgress,, and American Bridge 21st Century.

Erik has a vision to add thousands of regular citizens as journalists, whether it’s through investigative work or simply interviewing local politicians.

Looking at New Media, Texas may actually be a blue state. The Burnt Orange Report has great influence, with state house members even watching the updates while in session.

Training is happening all across the country, along with follow-up resources. The goal is a sustainable and growing community.

WatchDogWire will be launched soon as a new platform to help citizen journalists.

Successful information activism examples include Dan Rather, Van Jones, and Anthony Weiner. Citizen journalism flipped 2 Congressional seats.

Erik’s goals are to build the citizen journalist community and provide the tools to make them successful.

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BlogConCLT Kicks Off!

Laptops and iPads at the ready, BlogConCLT kicked off this morning with a dynamic video and the announcement that Kristina Ribali will be stepping into Tabitha Hale’s shoes at FreedomWorks. Best moment of the video? The very last second, with a shot of Andrew Breitbart saying, “War!”

Full day of blogging strategy and info ahead! Big thanks to Franklin Center and FreedomWorks for putting together the event!

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Holder’s War On Whitey

When one hears the title US Attorney General, it should inspire trust, honor, and integrity. Unfortunately, as with many things associated with the current administration, traditional adjectives do not apply.  What was billed as the “most transparent administration in history” has become the most racist debacle in recent history.

In only 3 years, the Obama administration has managed to propel racism to a level that harkens to the Civil Rights era.  What started out as a meme on class warfare has quickly escalated to a race war with dire consequences.  At the heart of the controversy is Attorney General Eric Holder.

Only 5 months into his new role under Barack Obama, Holder dismissed what should have been a default case against 3 members of the Black Panther party for voter intimidation.  When told that dismissing the case was an assault on voting rights, Holder defended his actions by saying comparing the incident to earlier civil rights action “does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people”.  Instead of applying the law equally to all, Holder took it upon himself to dismiss the case against “his people”.

Soon to follow would be lawsuits against South Carolina and Texas for their new voter ID laws. When defending his actions against the 2 states, Holder claimed the law would “disenfranchise minority voters”.  There are currently 14 states with voter ID laws on the books. Will Holder sue all of them?

Earlier this year, at a meeting hosted by 100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc., Holder attacked school administrators for disciplining students on the basis of race. The Daily Caller reports that Holder’s claim of racial disparity in school discipline was based on statistics pulled from a flawed study, statistics Holder manipulated to fuel another story on the mistreatment of minorities.

The latest race-based incident involves the shooting of a black teenager, Trayvon Martin.  In addition to Obama wading into the fray by stating Trayvon “could be my son”, the case has been tried in the court of public opinion by both traditional and social media with no respect to due process.  The New Black Panther Party has escalated the race war by putting a bounty on the other party in the tragic incident, George Zimmerman. While the special prosecutor tries to determine the facts of the case, Holder remains silent as the militant NBBP publicly touts a reward for Zimmerman, “dead or alive”.  Spike Lee added to the hysteria by tweeting an incorrect address for Zimmerman’s parents, forcing an elderly couple to temporarily leave their home in fear.  Numerous death threats against Zimmerman are easily found on social media outlets Twitter and Facebook, with no apparent consequences. Where is Holder??

There are additional incidents of improper and possibly illegal dealings within Holder’s Department of Justice, and the examples listed above only capture Holder’s racist behavior during his current tenure. Whether they rise to an impeachable offense can only be determined by Congress. They do serve as a clear reminder that Eric Holder has the responsibility to be a just and fair Attorney General for ALL Americans, not just “his people”.

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Obama’s War On Texas – Abort! Abort!

There is trouble afoot in Texas.  We seem to be drawing a lot of attention from the Obama Administration, and while that is never a good thing, it’s even less of a good thing when you’re a red state in an election year.

A primary issue this year is health care, and Texas has a state program for low income women to help with costs associated with that care. It’s important to note the Federal Government contributes 90% of the funding of Texas’ Women’s Health Program, to the tune of about $35 Million through Medicaid. Around 130,000 low-income women participate in the state program.

The state of Texas passed a law in 2011 prohibiting funds for the Women’s Health Program from going to organizations that provide abortions. Most Texans, including yours truly, appreciate their tax dollars being withheld from such procedures. Governor Perry is also in strong agreement that non-abortion providing facilities should be first in line for the much needed funding.

The primary organization affected by the Texas law is Planned Parenthood. Houston boasts the largest Planned Parenthood facility in the country, (yea, us), so it’s surprising to learn that only 2% of the care provided to the Women’s Health Program is through Planned Parenthood.  Knowing how near and dear that organization is to Dear Leader’s heart, it’s no surprise that Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has swooped in to cut off funding unless Texas gives up its no-public-funding-of-abortion ways.

Governor Perry is not backing down. Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott has filed a law suit against the DHHS, contending that cutting off funding is a violation of the law and of the US Constitution.  Perry has vowed to keep the program running, saying he’ll find the funds somewhere within the state system if the Federal funds are permanently withdrawn.

It’s clear that this current battle is political, and Planned Parenthood’s financial support of Obama is certainly paying off. Not surprisingly, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has chimed in, stating Texas has declared a war on women. One has to ask – who is really declaring war on women when funding is being denied to 98% of participants due to  withdrawing support from an organization that provides only 2% of the care?   War on women, indeed.

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That’s The Power of Blog

Kudos to The Other McCain and Stephen Gutowski for great reporting on the activist sham also know as Sandra Fluke.

McCain was featured on the Mark Levin show, with his entire scribe read by Mark himself.  Revealing what no leftist journalists would, McCain exposed Fluke for not only expecting insurance providers to furnish free birth control, but also mandatory coverage for sex-change surgery.  If the Democrats had allowed the standard time for vetting committee hearing witnesses, the truth about Fluke may have been discovered sooner.  Be sure to catch the entire saga here.

Stephen Gutowski, known as CollegePolitico on Twitter, also blew the Fluke’s cover by uncovering an article written by Fluke for the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law.  It seems Fluke had been working for 3 years to pressure Georgetown to provide birth control through their insurance plan, knowing when she enrolled that it went against the principles of the school.  Gutowski was linked on the Drudge Report, which created server problems, but you can still find his complete story here.

We may have lost an amazing Conservative voice in Andrew Breitbart, but with Conservative Journalist Bloggers like McCain and Gutowski, the fight is still going strong!

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A Hero Lost – Andrew Breitbart Remembered

I lost a hero today.  I stand with so many others in disbelief, our hearts hurting, mourning the loss of Andrew Breitbart.

I’ve been a fan of Breitbart since he founded the Big.coms; Big Government, Big Hollywood, the works. They became required daily reading, and he always seemed to scoop every other news source. He helped James O’Keefe expose ACORN’s corruption; he “exposed” Anthony Weiner for the lout he is; he led the charge in citizen journalism.  He inspired the Conservative base to rise up and blog.  And he stood up to the Progressive Left with such courage and conviction, we couldn’t help but join the charge!

He also inspired incredible hate from the Left, and there is plenty of evidence to prove that hate if you venture onto Twitter today.  I won’t justify it here.

I had the distinct honor of meeting Andrew Breitbart at CPAC, and I’ll always be grateful. I got to see him in action in front of the cameras, and I got to see the warm, welcoming, boisterous guy who didn’t mind taking a picture with anyone who asked. There are no words to capture his energy and charisma, and he was a force in the room. You couldn’t miss him, and you didn’t want to.

My prayers go out to his wife and 4 children.  My heart hurts even more for their enormous loss. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Andrew may be gone, but he has created an army of Conservative Citizen Journalists who won’t let his vision of restoring an exceptional America die. Don’t you worry, Andrew. We’ve got this. We love you. Godspeed.

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Just one more reason to love TEXAS!

Texas isn’t taking Obama’s recent assault on religious freedom lying down!

Attorney General Greg Abbott is joining 6 other states in fighting back, challenging the ObamaCare mandate forcing Catholic entities to violate their religion tenets by requiring them to provide contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization procedures to employees.

While the liberal left is trying to make this a women’s health issue, falsely proclaiming free birth control is a RIGHT, those who can see the bigger picture recognize the implications of trampling on the First Amendment.  This massive power grab by Obama and his administration will require states to join forces to shut it down.

You can read more about the law suit here, including the entire legal challenge. 

Please let Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott know you support his defense of religious freedom and the states’ fight against the Obama administration.  If not you, who?  If not now, when? Get involved!

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A Rookie Goes To CPAC

I’ve been a political junkie for a while now. It really took hold when Reagan came to Baylor tospeak with the College Republicans. I watch debates, observe campaigns, listen to the bickering over “stolen” elections. I even headed to DC for 9/12, Kill the Bill, and 8/28. My Facebook page is one long political rant. But I had yet to ever venture to that bastion of Conservatism — CPAC. 

About 4 weeks ago, someone on Twitter asked if I would be at CPAC. I gave it some thought, and 15 minutes later I had my airline ticket, a hotel room, and my CPAC registration. I was going to the show! Maybe I might even get excited about one of the lackluster candidates still in the race.

How does one prepare for their first CPAC? I scoured the site, looking for any information that might help me plan. Not much to go on, so Google to the rescue. Thanks to Jimmie’s Rookie Guide, I discovered two important things – 1) I needed comfy shoes, and 2) I wouldn’t get to see everything, so make a plan. 

Twitter build-up to CPAC was something to behold – Occupy DC threats, blogger reunions, suspense over BlogBash invites, candidate bashing – the works!  I couldn’t wait to meet my Tweeps IRL, (and I learned a new acronym.)  

Thanks to a late flight being even later, I slept in and missed the technology mayhem which greeted CPAC registration.  I rolled into the Marriot just in time to see Andrew Breitbart and Chuck Woolery holding court in the lobby.  The tone was set; I was in political Heaven!

Over the next 3 days, I listened to Presidential candidates, political pundits, Senators, Congressmen, and a myriad of panels and opinions.  I envied the tweeted star sightings on Bloggers Row, strolled the aisles of the expo, and joined 5 new organizations.  It took 2 days to realize the best meet & greets were happening in the hotel bar right after the day’s events, and I missed any Occupy drama that took place outside and in the hotel lobby.  

I did indeed meet some of my favorite Tweeps IRL, and Thursday’s highlight was BlogBash.  Sharing the room with my favorite bloggers and pundits was a privilege and a joy, and I met some new bloggers to add to my list of frequent reads.  So much talent in one room!  (Special thanks to Ali Akbar!)

Friday’s highlight was PurpleBash, and I was again privileged to attend and meet the amazing women behind Smart Girl Politics and Politicalistas.  I look forward to joining forces with both groups, which are sure to have a huge impact on Conservative women in this country.

My biggest take-aways from CPAC –  I have a responsibility to be politically active, one person really can affect change, Jimmie should be required reading for every rookie, and Vice & Victory throws one hell of a party.  See you next year at CPAC!

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